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IRENE WAS OUR FIRST VOLUNTEER WAY BACK IN 2008 AND SHE RETURNED SEVERAL MONTHS AGO. Read below what she said about her recent visit If it inspires you to want to volunteer with us we'd love to hear from you.

I recently returned to Headrock Dogs after a long absence. It was a joy to be back with the dogs, some of whom I remember from my last visit.
Verity and Thep have made a sanctuary for the abandoned local dogs and they are individually cared for with much love and attention. The dogs are very friendly and it is lovely to be surrounded by such relaxed and playful animals. There are some real characters amongst them and they constantly put a smile on your face. The pups are always a fun part of any visit and they are growing up strong, fit and socialized - ready for adoption to good homes.

The long-term volunteers are extremely caring and made me feel very welcome. I will certainly return as I had a very happy time working with this dedicated team.

In 2008 Irene arrived from Chaing Mai in northern Thailand where she's been a volunteering for many years and still does. We had many serious cases cos we'd only just started helping at the Temple.
The condition of the Temple dogs and pups was very bad. Several dead pups were left outside the Abbot's gate and it was very hard to deal with. Puppies were being abandoned near our Centre almost every day too and we had very little money to build puppy pens. Fast forward 10 years and our Centre dogs are fit and happy as are the Temple dogs.
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TODAY WE SAVED ANOTHER LIFE. This young dog lives at the Temple where we care for some 70 dogs. A nun found her lying with her dead brother as a pup and brought her in. She was the only one who could touch her. She left the temple and this little dog to fend for herself for nearly 2 years. We've tried to give her monthly de-tick treatments and vaccinations but we can't get near her. I knew she would come down with blood parasites one day and now she's very sick. We had to use a net to catch her cos she bites and bit our outreach star Lin. The poor dog has a temp of 106 F and was a few days away from being paralysed. See her painful walk. Thankfully she ate when we brought her to our Centre so we have high hopes we've got her in time. As always we need funds to help us in our work so please support us on Thank you
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PEANUT IS GETTING VERY COMFORTABLE IN HER WHEELCHAIR. Encouraged by our long term volunteer Franz who loves her Peanut is happy trotting around sniffing all the new smells. A big thank you to Broken Biscuits for paying for Peanut's wheelchair and delivering it to us. Putting up with her best friend and pen mate Crystal who wants to play with her constantly Peanut isn't put off. Next major step is gettiing Peanut to walk on the uneven grass so she can go much further and make new friends. We will be neutering Peanut soon cos she's now strong enough. Please support Peanut on
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THESE STARVING DOGS AND PUPPIES NEED YOUR HELP. Please donate any amount on to help us help them. If you can't donate please share. Thank you
This is not a cruelty story it's a story of a local teacher who's trying to help abandoned pups and dogs with very little funds. She is helped by some friends who care for 30 rescued dogs and pups far out in the wilds. As you can see from their house they also have little money and they save everything they make for the dogs.
We have already donated several bags of dry food and paid for the 2 worst pups' vet visit. These pups had distemper and were nursed through the killer virus but they remain painfully thin. The vet said their main problem is lack of food which in turn will bring on many serious health risks.

They all need combine vaccinations, de-tick treatment,vitamins and tonics, de-worming meds, calcium for the pups and powdered milk, 20ks bags of dog and puppy food. and neutering. Happily several females have already been neutered. Some pictures show older fat healthy dogs who are strong enough to get the food first leaving very little for the pups.
Please support us with this very needy case. Thank you.
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UK Registered Charity

We are very happy to announce that Headrock Dogs Rescue UK became a UK registered charity in December 2016. Registration No 1170663. It is the administrative and funding arm for Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand.




In the 9 years to 2017 we have saved 880 dogs and puppies, homed 780 dogs and puppies and neutered 900 mainly puppies but also temple, street and beach dogs.

 Prasert Hit by Speeding Car

Prasert was dragged from the road by his owner who witnessed a car hit him without breaking or stopping.  She immediately alerted us.  Thankfully Prasert lives at the end of our road so we rushed to his aid quickly.  We found him lying in a pool of blood unable to move and clearly in pain.  We cleaned and bandaged his deep wounds, gave him an antibiotic injection and pain killer and then phoned the vet for further advice.  Being Sunday he wasn’t open but he promised to be back before dark and at  7.00 p.m. he phoned to say he had arrived at his clinic.   It took the vet 2 hours to clean, stitch and insert drainage tube in the deep wound which thankfully hadn’t pierced his heart but he thought Prasert’s spine might be broken.  We nursed Prasert for 2 months, his wounds healed and he’s now walking and back home.

Prasert bit by car


What is TVT?

TVT stands for Transmissible Venereal Tumor. It’s a naturally occurring tumour that is sexually transmitted... Read More