November 2015

Joanna & Donny

We got a message from Joanna saying they were staying in Bang Saphan and please could they come and volunteer with us in September. We... Read More


Jackie is our first volunteer from the fantastic K9Aid organsation which is helping us so much. We’re very grateful that she made the special effort... Read More


Jenny contacted us when she was in the nearby town of Hua Hin asking if she could volunteer.  Of course we said Yes and in... Read More


My name is Pramon. I was discarded into the Temple puppy pen along with my 2 sisters. We were 3 weeks old and so weak.... Read More


My name is Patch. I originally came to Headrock Dogs in 2004 when 2 school children found me as a tiny puppy. I was adopted... Read More


My name is Panee and I was dumped along with my sister Ankhana as a tiny puppy in the puppy pen at The Temple. Ankhana... Read More


My name is Tappi. I was thrown into the Temple puppy pen along with my 2 sisters when I was so tiny. My sisters were... Read More