23 Puppies

We’ve recently been inundated with puppies: 23 to be exact.

Firstly we received an SOS from a Thai lady who had taken in 15 puppies that were dumped near her home.  The area is renowned for being occupied by monitor lizards who could have easily eaten the pups.  We are lucky that 4 were adopted very quickly, leaving us with the remaining 11 puppies to look after.

Searching for puppies

Then we were alerted to TWO heavily pregnant dogs at the temple.

One mum disappeared and we frantically searched for her and her puppies.  We found them under the cremation oven.  It is used regularly: they could have easily been roasted alive.  A truly devastating thought.

Mum and her huge litter of pups

Mum and her huge litter of pups

We found the second mum had given birth behind a huge stack of chairs; she was terrified and wasn’t eating.  Consequently her pups were suffering with 2 being close to death from starvation.  The remaining 5 pups were all thin and weak.

While both mums are getting their strength back in the safety of our centre, we’ve been busy hand feeding the smaller pups every few hours.  They are loving their goats milk and daily vitamins to help build their strength. They have also been de-wormed and de-ticked.

Two of the tiny puppies

Two of the tiny puppies


All the pups will need their first combination vaccination. This is essential to protect them from Distemper, Parvo, Leptospirosis and influenza.

Please donate so we can continue our work to bring these pups back to full health and find them homes.

*****NEWS UPDATE*****

30 October 2017: Another 4 puppies have been cruelly dumped at the temple. Huge thanks to Abbott and his never ending love for these dogs. He has brought them into his home to keep them safe from the bigger dogs. One puppy has a swollen neck where he was bitten by one of the adult dogs: thankfully not badly. So far we’ve de-wormed and de-ticked them and we’ll be starting their vaccinations very shortly. Despite their start in life they are friendly and affectionate.

4 more dumped puppies

4 more dumped puppies

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