3 Legs

3 Legs

My name is 3 Legs and I was run over by a train more than 10 years ago. It was a miracle I lived to tell my tale. My front leg was badly damaged by the train and I was left in chronic pain. The leg had to be amputated; I know it sounds terrible, but honestly it a great relief.

I made a full recovery, but because I only have 3 legs, another dog thought I was easy prey and attacked me, leaving me with a nasty bite under my tail that ended up full of maggots and badly infected. At the time I had 3 puppies; they were unable to suckle from me as the infection had spread to my tummy; they were in danger of dying.

3 Legs has terrible skin issues:

My luck changed and the kind people at Headrock Dogs took me into their centre with my puppies. They found a forever home for 2 of them and after my recovery I returned to live at the temple.


3 Legs has terrible skin issues

3 Legs has terrible skin issues

Early 2017 saw the worst flood in Bang Saphan for 100 years. It hit the temple where I was living around 8pm and everything went dark. I could hear the water getting higher and higher, creeping up the steps towards me. The water got higher by the second and I couldn’t go up any more steps; the gate at the top was locked. My only hope of survival was to swim to higher ground. That’s what I did and I survived my terrifying swim in the dark with only 3 legs.

As I was recovering from my ordeal my lifelong, best friend suddenly died leaving me devastated. I was depressed and lonely. That was when Headrock Dogs said I could go and live at their centre permanently. Finally I’m in a safe place.

I’m about 12 years old and the mange that I’ve suffered from for many years has left me with really patchy fur. I am being regularly treated with Sulphur and oil and my mange is very slowly improving. In addition to my skin problems I have had terrible ear mites and suffer from regular ear infections sometimes caused by maggots. As you can imagine this is very painful. Sometimes my ears bleed when they are cleaned and I don’t help the problem as I scratch them which makes them even worse. Now I’m at Headrock Dogs they check my ears often and we are getting on top of the problem so I don’t have to worry.

3 Legs relaxing in the shady garden

3 Legs relaxing in the shady garden

Please sponsor me

I’m an old dog and not very beautiful because of my hard life. It would make me so happy if someone cared about me. Please sponsor me in my senior years.

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