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Thank you everyone for your good wishes. It's been a hard week for Freddie who's been in so much pain. I've never heard a dog cry non stop for so many hours day and night with blood parasites. He's on pain killers and even my calming herbal meds to help alleviate his pain.

Happily last night was his first pain free night. He's now able to stand up without help and walk without staggering. But I help him cos he's blind and walks into things.

He has to be syringe fed by Thep but he swallows it all and he can drink without help. Thankfully we haven't had to put him on a drip.

Chabba his girlfriend never leaves his side and wants to know what's going on. She also has her eye on his food!! Her devotion is remarkable cos Chabba is almost feral even though she's been with us for 4 years. She won't let anyone touch her but when I've visited Freddie at 11.00 p.m. she's lying beside him and won't move.

Any donations to help Freddie in his struggle to stay alive would be wonderful on Thank you
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AN ADOPTION THAT COULDN'T HAPPEN. The family who wanted Kate and Pongsak have waited over a week for them. Yesterday we took the pups to their new home and the family were so lovely with them.

BUT next door was full of chickens and several fighting cocks which cost a fortune. The other side was a family of Thai Muslims who don't like dogs. There were no walls round any of the properties and we won't allow our dogs to be tied.

We knew that there was a real danger of Pongsak and Kate chasing the chickens which can be a death sentence by poisoning the dogs. We couldn't leave them behind even though they were starting to bond with their new owners.

We're now looking for a loving home for the 2 pups in a safe environment preferably with no chickens around. If anyone in Thailand would like to adopt these two sweet young pups please message me.
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We checked all 60 dogs who were happily OK except for inflammed paws which we treated. We will keeping a close eye on dogs showing signs of breathing difficulties, not eating and not wanting to move. Pneumonia is not uncommon after floods like these.

The flood waters reached some 4 feet as shown by the dirty line on the elevated building. Some buildings have stairs which the dogs sheltered on. Some dogs still have to stand on planks to keep dry. Thank heavens none drowned although we're missing one old boy who is very strong.

Rubbish everywhere, rancid smell of rotting vegetation, mud and low lying areas still under water. The Temple has a fenced off area where bags full of plastic are kept until the garbage collectors come for them. The force of the water broke the metal fence and deposted split plastic bags everywhere.. Of course dogs will always smell out any leftover food ripping up more plastic boxes.

The Temple lake is a mud pool. It's burst its banks and must have flooded a large area where the dogs stay.

The dogs need rice and dry food cos all their food is rotten. 20ks of dry food cost approx 500.00 baht of $15.00. If you can help these needy dogs all of whom have been dumped by heartless owners we'd be overjoyed. Thank you .
Our Paypal link is on our website Homepage Thank you
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NIRAN'S PLATE INSERTED 3 MONTHS AGO HAS SLIPPED AND MAY HAVE TO BE CHANGED. Just another set back for this poor long suffeirng young dog.

His operation at a big teaching hospital to intsert a plate has been rife with problems. Bad after op care and massive infected swelling. Then to a small clinic for successful laser treatment, back to his home and suddenly unexplained limping. I asked to bring him back.

We got him neutered whilst waiting for an appointment. Today he returned to the vet's clinic where he had successful laser treatment. X-rays showed his plate has slipped, maybe a screw has come out.

Now poor Niran has to have another operation to asses if he needs a new plate inserted. This is very possible. More cost and more pain for Niran. He;s such a long suffering sweetheart.

If you are able to help us with his further operation costs that would be fantastic. Please visit his fundraiser on Every dollar/pound/baht helps Niran in his struggle to become pain free. Thank you.

UK Registered Charity

We are very happy to announce that Headrock Dogs Rescue UK became a UK registered charity in December 2016. Registration No 1170663. It is the administrative and funding arm for Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand.




In the 9 years to 2017 we have saved 880 dogs and puppies, homed 780 dogs and puppies and neutered 900 mainly puppies but also temple, street and beach dogs.

 Prasert Hit by Speeding Car

Prasert was dragged from the road by his owner who witnessed a car hit him without breaking or stopping.  She immediately alerted us.  Thankfully Prasert lives at the end of our road so we rushed to his aid quickly.  We found him lying in a pool of blood unable to move and clearly in pain.  We cleaned and bandaged his deep wounds, gave him an antibiotic injection and pain killer and then phoned the vet for further advice.  Being Sunday he wasn’t open but he promised to be back before dark and at  7.00 p.m. he phoned to say he had arrived at his clinic.   It took the vet 2 hours to clean, stitch and insert drainage tube in the deep wound which thankfully hadn’t pierced his heart but he thought Prasert’s spine might be broken.  We nursed Prasert for 2 months, his wounds healed and he’s now walking and back home.

Prasert bit by car


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