8th of July 2018 09:25 AM Link
SUNDAY MORNING FUN. There's something in that hedge for sure. All the dogs joined together young and old never mind the territories or if they had a squabble last night to catch....something...and failed!!!
7th of July 2018 11:37 AM Link
WE HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE POOR DOG WHO WAS POISONED. He's getting better and has started eating.
Thank you so much everyone for your concerned comments. Today we took him to the vet for a thorough check up. He had injections for his liver and blood and Vitamin K1 the antidote for Warfarin. Rat poison is the favourite method used by monster Thais who kill dogs.
The monk who saved his life has been giving him a Thai herb daily used by people aswell as for animals. This has undoubtedly saved him. He is also getting charcoal meds which absorb the poison and is excreted.
We won't let this matter rest. If we can't get any action from the police we will contact Watchdog Thailand who have a lot of success in animal abuse cases.
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6th of July 2018 01:16 PM Link
THIS POISONING HAS TO STOP. The beautiful black and white dog standing was poisoned 2 days ago.
The monk couldn't get him to the vet cos he doesn't have transport. Luckily he had some herbs Thais use for poisoning which saved his life but he's in a bad state.

Poisoning has been a frequent occurrence at this Temple for years and they know who's doing it. A chicken farmer on the edge of the Temple grounds and we're going to talk to him...strongly.
We'll give him the news... Poisoning dogs is now illegal in Thailand and if he continues to do this he'll be talking to the police.
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5th of July 2018 12:45 PM Link
We are lucky to have a few wonderful supporters who have helped and still are helping to fund this. To date we've neutered 70 dogs and a few cats at a cost of 42,000 baht or $1.200+ or 950 pounds
This is a big chunk out of our small budget and we're so grateful to the few people who have donated to help.

We're concentrating on street and Temple dogs and dogs owned by people who can't afford the neutering costs. This program doesn't include puppies who we take to our regular vet.

The work is hard cos it's done in situ which can be anywhere from an overgrown jungle area, Temple grounds, car parks, even the side of the road.
We've been lucky to have people to help who know the dogs so we don't have to chase them around with nets. These people and our outreach team member follow up the dogs and ensure no infection sets in and to cut the stitches if needed.

We'd be very grateful for donations to help fund this small but slowly growing program. You can go to our website Please Like, comment or share our posts to FB keeps sending them to you. Thank you
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UK Registered Charity

We are very happy to announce that Headrock Dogs Rescue UK became a UK registered charity in December 2016. Registration No 1170663. It is the administrative and funding arm for Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand.




In the 9 years to 2017 we have saved 880 dogs and puppies, homed 780 dogs and puppies and neutered 900 mainly puppies but also temple, street and beach dogs.

 Prasert Hit by Speeding Car

Prasert was dragged from the road by his owner who witnessed a car hit him without breaking or stopping.  She immediately alerted us.  Thankfully Prasert lives at the end of our road so we rushed to his aid quickly.  We found him lying in a pool of blood unable to move and clearly in pain.  We cleaned and bandaged his deep wounds, gave him an antibiotic injection and pain killer and then phoned the vet for further advice.  Being Sunday he wasn’t open but he promised to be back before dark and at  7.00 p.m. he phoned to say he had arrived at his clinic.   It took the vet 2 hours to clean, stitch and insert drainage tube in the deep wound which thankfully hadn’t pierced his heart but he thought Prasert’s spine might be broken.  We nursed Prasert for 2 months, his wounds healed and he’s now walking and back home.

Prasert bit by car


What is TVT?

TVT stands for Transmissible Venereal Tumor. It’s a naturally occurring tumour that is sexually transmitted... Read More