ADOPT A TIMID DOG – What to do

All our dogs are very affectionate and loving but many are timid initially due to the traumatic experiences they had as puppies. They need a very patient dog lover to win their confidence and the rewards will be returned 10 times. If your heart is stolen by a timid dog the most important thing to understand is that your chosen companion will want to hide away for the first couple of days.

Make a hidey hole for him/her in a corner, under a table or in a kennel where your new comer can watch the goings on in your house from the safety of their hiding place. Make it cosy for them and put their food and water nearby so they don’t have to come out. Every time you approach talk to them in a soothing and loving manner and put your hand out to be licked. After the first lick you know you are on the way to gaining a good friend. It may take a few days or even a week but one day your beautiful new friend will come out to greet you and soon be wagging their tail.

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