Blind Love

Blind dogs have a wonderful ability to find their way around obstacles that humans would find challenging.  They can jump up onto their beds, jump over low barriers, walk round the myriad of obstacles they encounter every day.  Their trust and love for those who care for them is a joyful experience and will melt the hearts of the compassionate person or family who adopts them.


This sweet-natured dog was brought to us from a Temple where he was being so cruelly treated he tried to run away and fell into... Read More

Meet the Timids

ADOPT A TIMID DOG – What to do

All our dogs are very affectionate and loving but many are timid initially due to the traumatic experiences they had as puppies. They need a very patient dog lover to win their confidence and the rewards will be returned 10 times. If your heart is stolen by a timid dog the most important thing to understand is that your chosen companion will want to hide away for the first couple of days.

Make a hidey hole for him/her in a corner, under a table or in a kennel where your new comer can watch the goings on in your house from the safety of their hiding place. Make it cosy for them and put their food and water nearby so they don’t have to come out. Every time you approach talk to them in a soothing and loving manner and put your hand out to be licked. After the first lick you know you are on the way to gaining a good friend. It may take a few days or even a week but one day your beautiful new friend will come out to greet you and soon be wagging their tail.

Rosa (female)

Rosa is a very striking large female with a beautiful long coat and strong body. She is very quiet and keeps to... Read More

La (female)

La is a very pretty female who has grown in confidence of the past year. She stays with a large group... Read More

Fluke (male)

Fluke is a very happy and friendly 2.5 year old male with a beautiful glossy coat and white feet with a... Read More

Siranee (female)

Siranee is the calmest of the 3 sisters and she’s very beautiful similar to a Labrador but smaller. She likes to... Read More

Meet Thailand's Beauties

All the dogs in this section are very pretty and handsome young dogs. Some of them have pure bred blood mixed with Thai blood making them not only beauties but full of character. Several of them have been adopted as small puppies but through no fault of their own were brought back. We cannot stress enough that puppies and dogs are living creatures not machines and they will misbehave.

Pippa (female)

Pippa was found with her 2 siblings as a tiny puppy living on the beach near a Temple (Feb 2015). They were adopted as small... Read More


My name is King and I was at deaths door: Please adopt me. Headrock Dogs found me at the local temple with a collar, a... Read More

Pebbles and Noodles

These devoted 8 month old (Oct 2016) sisters are playful, loving and full of character and have had a hard start I life. They were... Read More

Meet the Gentle Seniors

Chee (female)

Chee is the sweetest little dog who could jump like a deer when she was younger. She was found with her sister as 4 month... Read More

Patch (female)

Patch came to us from Hua Hin where she’d been rescued as a puppy and she was very nervous and snappy to those she didn’t... Read More