Aileen: my volunteering experience

My friend and I spent two weeks volunteering at Headrock dogs rescue helping out and what a wonderful experience it was.

Aileen enjoying her time with the dogs while volunteering

Aileen enjoying her time with the dogs

There were around 50 dogs there including tiny puppies that the owners Verity and Thep rescued. They were called Alex, Alice and Henry.

The dogs are free to roam and run around the grassy or concrete area or just lie and relax and sleep in the sun on the salas.

The dogs with eye and skin conditions are treated with natural remedies, no harsh chemical treatments….and it works.

Aileen helping Verity while volunteering at HDR

Aileen helping Verity

Verity and Thep work so hard at giving these dogs a good life after what they’ve been through and also try to get as many as they can adopted to the right people.They also look after around 200 local temple dogs, feeding and treating them which is a huge job.

Bang Saphan Yai itself is a small lovely beach village, a few beach bungalows, a couple of hotels and some lovely restaurants and the most amazing gorgeous deserted beach with miles and miles to walk along.

Aileen volunteering at Headrock Dogs Rescue

Aileen at Headrock Dogs Rescue

If you want to volunteer somewhere and make a difference you need to come here.