Rosa (female)

Rosa is a very striking large female with a beautiful long coat and strong body. She is very quiet and keeps to her close friends who she... Read More

Adopted – Onticha (female)

Onticha has become a very friendly 2.5 year old adult who loves to lick your show her truly affectionate nature. She is happy to lead her 2 sisters... Read More

La (female)

La is a very pretty female who has grown in confidence of the past year. She stays with a large group of dogs and is happy... Read More

Fluke (male)

Fluke is a very happy and friendly 2.5 year old male with a beautiful glossy coat and white feet with a cute curly tail. Fluke loves... Read More

Siranee (female)

Siranee is the calmest of the 3 sisters and she’s very beautiful similar to a Labrador but smaller. She likes to watch and see what’s going... Read More