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23 Puppies

We’ve recently been inundated with puppies: 23 to be exact. Firstly we received an SOS from a Thai lady who had taken in 15 puppies... Read More

Temple Dogs

About 9 years ago we were called in to help with the Temple dogs by the Abbot. We were met with the sight of dying... Read More


My name is Hope and my story with Headrock Dogs began 29 June 2017 when a Thai lady found me dumped in a dry canal... Read More


I was thrown onto the beach in a sack with my 6 siblings six years ago.  It was dark and I was terrified. Someone stopped nearby and... Read More


My name is Humpty. I’m 14 years young and the 2nd oldest dog here. I used to live with the previous manager of Headrock Dogs.... Read More


My name is Malee and I’m scarred for life. I had no owner. I survived on the streets on my own scavenging for food for... Read More

3 Legs

My name is 3 Legs and I was run over by a train more than 10 years ago. It was a miracle I lived to... Read More


My name is Bella and I survived Distemper. I was 6 months old and living in the hostile environment of a local temple; home to... Read More


My name is Chabba. Back in 2015 I was left for dead at the side of the road. A speeding truck hit me; the driver... Read More


My name is Wormy and I’m the oldest dog here. As a tiny puppy I was savagely attacked by a bigger dog. My face was... Read More