My name is Dew and I’ve been through so much in my life. I am now 8 years old (2017).

At just 3 months old I was thrown away at the Temple with my friend. It was very hot: I didn’t know where to go to shelter from the sun. I found shade under a car. The driver never saw me and as he set off he drove over my back leg and broke it. I screamed in agony and he never stopped. He left me to suffer.

There are some very nice monks at the Temple and they contacted Headrock Dogs. I was taken to a local vet. He did his best to help and after a month the break had healed and I was able to use my leg as normal.

Five years ago my best friend was killed on the road in front of the house where I lived: my life has never been the same since. I miss my best friend so much. I’m unable to show the grief and stress I feel like a human can, so it has come out in many other ways. It started with a really bad attack of mange. The treatment I received sadly didn’t work and my skin got worse. On top of the mange, I suffered from fungal and candida infections which are very painful.

Dew suffers terribly with mange

Dew suffers terribly with mange

Mange & fungal infections

I tend to be OK for about 4 months and then the whole cycle starts again. My skin is red raw and I run a high temperature. Headrock Dogs arranged for a hair analysis test which showed I was suffering from a virus called Cytomegalovirus. My virus responds really well to an old fashioned Thai remedy of sulphur and cooking oil!

After receiving this treatment every day for 3 months: 90% of my skin sores and lesions disappeared: what a relief! Headrock Dogs believe my skin condition is chronic. I’m allergic to so many things it would be too complicated and stressful to test them.

Happily I’m now on a maintenance program to keep the sores and lesions at bay. This consists of a very healthy and yummy diet of fish with brown rice, lots of natural therapies such as ginger, turmeric, coconut oil and lots of vitamins too….and a mild treatment shampoo every now and again. My skin is so much better.

It’s good to know that when I do have a nasty outbreak my carers have the expertise to treat it quickly and stop it spreading all over my body. Sadly my hair falls out a lot and it takes a while for it to grow back.

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Please sponsor me so Headrock Dogs can continue to treat my outbreaks keeping my sores and lesions at bay.

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