Fohn “Rain” (female) & Fah “Sky” (female)

Fohn and Fah (Rain and Sky) are devoted sisters who were dumped outside our Centre as tiny puppies 8 years ago. They were adopted as puppies twice but through no fault of theirs (chasing chickens and the new owner’s sister didn’t like black dogs) they were returned. Fohn looks similar to a black Labrador and she’s now quite portly and Fah is slender partly because she nearly died from blood parasites a year ago.

Fohn is quite timid initially and needs love and encouragement for a few days before she will begin to bond whereas Fah is friendly after a few minutes. They are both very affectionate dogs who will love their owner when they’re given lots of love and food.   Fah will also make a wonderful guard dog.

Please give these lovely senior dogs a chance to have loving owners in the autumn of their lives. Both Fohn and Fah are neutered and fully vaccinated.



Fah1 Fah2 Fahseniors


Fohn4 Fohnseniors1