Humpty is our oldest resident


My name is Humpty. I’m 14 years young and the 2nd oldest dog here.

I used to live with the previous manager of Headrock Dogs. She brought me here when I was just 4 years old, along with 35 other dogs. At first I was very shy and barked at everyone. I soon realised that it was rather fun playing with so many friends and I began to love the place.

Humpty will spend the rest of his life at Headrock Dogs

Humpty will spend the rest of his life at Headrock Dogs

I could have been adopted so many times as everyone thinks I’m really pretty; especially after a haircut. But, if anyone tried to take me away, I did have a tendency to snap at them. Did I tell you I have a beautiful girlfriend Ellena? In fact I have lots of lovely female friends and I’d be really sad if I left them behind. I’m top dog and all the younger dogs respect me.

Humpty: I've been here for 9 years

Humpty: I’ve been here for 9 years

I do suffer from arthritis in my back legs. To help with this I take anti-inflammatory and calcium tablets every day. Once I’ve had these I’m then happy to go for an evening stroll when the heat of the sun has started to fade. In fact my arthritic front leg is now so much better I can jump on the bench and run along it. I can even join in and play with the young dogs which is great fun. In fact I don’t feel old at all!

Humpty enjoy an evening stroll

I’ve been on the website for ages and for the first time ever I have received 2 sponsors; thank you very much.

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Will you be no.3? It would make my day and it will mean I’ll continue to get my tablets each day.



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