Jacqui: love what you do and never give up

Jacqui had the time of her volunteering for 5 weeks

My name is Jacqui, I’m 22 years old and from Germany. In June 2017 I’ve spent 5 weeks volunteering with the dogs at Headrockdogs Dogs Rescue …. it was the time of my life!!!!

In advance of my stay Verity and Thep organized a beautiful bungalow just next to the beach for me, so I didn’t have to worry about my accommodation.

Each day I walked along the beach which took about 20 minutes. I found this to be incredibly relaxing and beautiful. I also rented a bicycle so I could get into the little town which had all the shops and markets I needed during my stay.

Caring for Ranjuan

From day one it was hands on. It felt like a big responsibility but Verity was very helpful and showed me what to do. After a few days I was allowed to do the eye and skin treatments for several dogs. It was also my job to take care of the most lovely and peaceful dog I’ve ever met: Ranjuan (RIP). My daily routine was to clean her and her pan in the morning and to help her with her eating and drinking.

Jacqui: caring for Ranjuan

Jacqui: caring for Ranjuan

Every few days I bathed Sue and Fluky. It was great to see their skin getting better every day. Everything we needed to keep the dogs healthy came from natural products. Of course there will always be treatments with chemicals or medication, but in general it is so much easier and better for the dogs to use only organic and natural products wherever possible.

It was nice to see Verity and Thep researching alternative treatments such as the green tea mixture that is used to treat bad skin.

It never felt like work

The days went too fast for me as there was so much to do, but it never felt like work for me!

Volunteering: love what you do and never give up

Volunteering: love what you do and never give up

I loved the warm welcome from the dogs when I arrived in the morning and also the goodbye when my work for the day was over. I’ve learned not only about dogs, their behaviour and communication but also what it means to ‘love what you do’ and to ‘never give up’ !!

I’ve never felt more welcomed in a place so far away from home. They thanked me every single day for the work I’ve done – now it’s my time to say THANK YOU for what I’ve learned from all of you !!

See you later, Jacqui