Oskar & Jessica volunteered for 2 weeks

Jessica and I volunteered at Headrock Dogs for 2 weeks and we loved it!

Verity and Thep helped us before our arrival with arranging accommodation at Lola’s bungalows which was really nice and affordable.

Healing hands by Oskar & Jessica

Healing hands by Oskar & Jessica

Oskar was a cat person….

I was a cat person before I volunteered and was a little bit afraid of the dogs at first as I’ve never had a dog myself. I was given tips on how to approach and behave around the dogs and after just 2-3 days I felt really comfortable around them. I’m now a confirmed dog person!

I know I’ve already said it; we loved our time at the centre. We spent our two weeks shampooing the dogs, feeding them, providing natural skin treatments….as we all cleaning up lots of poop!

Oskar & Jessica volunteered at Headrock Dogs Rescue

Oskar & Jessica volunteering at Headrock Dogs Rescue

We got the chance to visit the temple dogs and see how they live. The dogs were overjoyed to meet us; licking and jumping on us within minutes. We couldn’t believe how friendly and happy they were.

Jessica's special bond when she volunteered at Headrock Dogs

Jessica’s special bond

Overall we really loved our stay in Bang Saphan and we miss Verity, Thep and most of all the dogs…a lot!

Volunteers are desperately needed! Headrock Dogs have a constant intake of dogs. Each one of our dogs need love and care, your help never goes unnoticed.  The most important volunteer job at Headrock Dogs Rescue is spending time with the dogs. But did you know, volunteering can also help you?