Malee is scarred for life


My name is Malee and I’m scarred for life.

I had no owner. I survived on the streets on my own scavenging for food for myself and my puppies in a very big city called Hua Hin.  It’s a scary place where cars whizz by and motorbikes drive so close to the side of the road threatening to run me over every day.

I had my own lovely puppies who I needed to feed so I had to scavenge for food for myself and for them. I had to go wherever there was food. One day I approached a food cart like I’d done many times before but the people were different that day: they weren’t my normal friends. They shouted at me. I didn’t know what I’d done wrong: all I wanted was to find something to eat for my babies.

Malee was left in agony

Malee was left in agony

Then they threw something hot over me. I screamed. It burned right through my fur, my skin was burning and blistering. I was in agony and no-one came to help me until many months later. Tragically my puppies died. I was in so much pain I was unable to find food for them. The kind people who fed me in Hua Hin asked Headrock Dogs to take me in as I was running on the road and they thought I’d get killed.

A nun at the local temple where Headrock Dogs look after lots of dogs said she’d look after me. I’m very shy, but bonded with her and my close circle of doggy friends. I’m now called Malee. Sadly the nun I trusted left us all. I was so frightened at first. She was my mum and had looked after me for a long time. We’re all looked after by the Head Monk now.

Malee is scarred for life

Malee is scarred for life

Headrock Dogs made sure I’d been neutered before I arrived at the Temple. The kind people come every week and check me and my friends. They make sure I haven’t got any nasty bites or infections and they take us to the vet if something is wrong. We get our monthly de-tick treatment and annual vaccinations which I hate!

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Thank you

Malee xxx



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