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We’ve spent 2 weeks volunteering at Headrock Dogs, a wonderful dog rescue centre in Bang Saphan, about 5 hours south of Bangkok. We’ve made some great friends (canine and human) and we’ve learned so much; we’re sad to leave but we’re also really happy to be able to share this with you and hope it inspires you too.

Headrock Dogs is run by the inspirational Verity and her very cool husband Thep.


Their mission is to secure loving adoptions for the dogs they rescue and care for at their small centre, and to neuter as many street dogs as they can – this is the best way to prevent more dogs being abandoned and abused.

They are always in need of funding for this life-saving work – do consider giving at

So let me introduce you to some of the amazing dogs we’ve got to know over the past couple of weeks.

Here’s Dilly who with loving care is making a great recovery from a host of difficulties including brain problems and partial blindness – here she is playing with her best friend Amara who was abandoned as a puppy.


The beautiful Cindy who can’t get enough attention.


Lucky, Sunny and Wormy taking a break from the sun in the new shelter which Mark helped to build.


Humpty is a gorgeous waggy-tailed bundle of joy who sometimes looks like a posh dog making his way in a rough neighbourhood, but knows how to look after himself fine.


The gorgeous little bouncing puppy Mouse.



Our jobs included cleaning up the enclosures, feeding the dogs, checking for fleas and ticks, shampooing dogs (some enjoyed this more than others!), giving the puppies their vitamins. Here’s Mark and his daily task of cleaning up dog poo. Lots of it!


I also spent time with the very timid Ranjuan who needed a good haircut!


After a hot morning yapping and playing, the dogs rest from the sun in their shelter.


Thep organised a great party to say thank you to the volunteers, and he played an awesome set – here he is rocking the place on guitar.


We also took the opportunity to raise some funds for the centre which was a great success.


We’ve had a lovely (and very hot!) walk to and from the dog centre each day along this beautiful empty beach.


And it was dogs 24/7 as we had some friendly dogs by our bungalow too!


Also while we’ve been here we visited a cave with buddha statues and lots of bats!


It’s been difficult saying goodbye and we hope to come back one day.
You can read more about the dogs and their stories on the Headrock Dogs website and facebook page.
These puppies are growing up fast and we know Verity will do everything she can to find them a secure loving home.


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