Yesterday we trecked up and down palm tree and rubber tree plantations for 5 hours calling for Ontisha who took fright when we arrived at her new home. Locals said they saw her but we didn’t. Exhausted and very upset we returned home after dark. This morning we got a phone call saying Daranee had also taken fright after sleeping in their house. They took her out to relieve herself and spoke too loudly so she ran off.
When we arrived mid morning I called them they both appeared from behind a tree and came running to greet me. I explained that timid dogs like to hide under things and watch what’s going on. When they feel confident they’ll come out on their own. Ontisha was the centre of attention and her new owners tried so hard to make her feel loved. We stayed with them all afternoon to give them confidence.
10 days later after almost daily contact the owner phoned to say we don’t need to worry about them any more. They come for their food, chase other dogs off their land and sleep on the porch. So wonderful