Patch has been here since 2004


My name is Patch.

I originally came to Headrock Dogs in 2004 when 2 school children found me as a tiny puppy.

I was adopted when I was that cute puppy, but my family never came back for me. Abandoned twice in my short life.

Earlier in 2017 I was seriously ill.  I stopped eating and had zero energy.  Everyone was very worried about me.  I was rushed to the vets who confirmed I had a high temperature and kidney problems.  After 5 days on a drip I still didn’t feel great.  I had a blood test and it tested positive for blood parasites which is caused by ticks.

Patch is one of our senior dogs that you can sponsor

Patch is one of our senior dogs that you can sponsor

I was on so much medication: vitamins for my liver, kidneys and blood plus oils for my brain and anti-biotics for the blood parasites. It was a long four months before I started to feel better and put some weight back on.
I am much stronger now a year later but my carers are worried about my kidneys. They’ve put me on some special Chinese herbs which help the blood flow through them and keep them clean.

I’m still very active for the 2nd oldest dog here. I used to go hunting with my best friend when I first came to Headrock Dogs Rescue. Every morning we jumped over the fence and wouldn’t come back until the evening. It was great fun but then one day she disappeared when my back was turned: she never returned. I remain heartbroken even now years later.

Recently I’ve started to join some of the younger dogs jump over the fence where our carers can’t see. We love to do this early in the morning when they’re still asleep so we can have fun running around before they catch us.

Patch relaxing in the sun

Patch relaxing in the sun

Please sponsor me

I love cuddles especially in the morning but my eyes are sad especially when I think of my best friend. I get very cold in the winter and have to wear 2 jackets so I don’t shiver as my blood is very thin in my old age. I would love some more sponsors to help me in my old age because I may fall sick again.




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