My name is Precious and I was dumped at the local temple when I was a tiny, defenceless puppy.

Food was a constant battle: the bigger dogs rarely left me anything.  I was skin and bones.  The larger dogs didn’t like me hanging around trying to pinch their food and one of them bit me right by my ear.  With no one to look after me the bite became badly infected and spread to my inner ear.  To ease the pain I tilted my head to one side.

I had several visits to the vets: I was so fragile and weak.  I was also too tiny to be vaccinated so it was a vicious cycle.

The infection spread to my mouth making my gums bleed.  I lost lots of teeth that day.

Precious is looking for a sponsor

Precious is looking for a sponsor

I was too sick and fragile to return to the temple.  The vet who had been treating me took me for a few weeks before I came to Headrock Dogs.

The other dogs at the shelter sensed I was weaker than them and I found myself being bullied yet again.  That’s when Verity and Thep took me into their home which I share with a few other weak dogs.  It was lovely to finally make friends.

One day something scratched my eye and it clouded over.  After lots of tests and examinations at the vets I was told that I’d lost the sight in my left eye.  I manage to get around OK.  I now receive drops in my eyes to prevent infections.

I’ve always been a slender dog, but I began to lose a lot of weight and I was painfully thin. Blood tests confirmed I was suffering from blood parasites.  My carers put me on a course of antibiotics plus blood boosters and all kinds of vitamins to help build up my strength.

Twice a day I get rice and fish or minced chicken and am slowly putting on weight.  I am happy but not very strong because of my sad start I had to life.

Please sponsor me

I would love a sponsor to care for me as I’m over 7 years old now and am getting on a bit.



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