THE NUN AT THE TEMPLE WHO CARES FOR SOME 35 DOGS HAS BEEN KICKED OUT OF HER COMPOUND WHERE SHE’S LIVED FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS.  The head monk told her they needed a quiet area for meditation and her compound was perfect as it was up a steep hill far away from any disruption.



It was perfect for the nun too with all her dogs but she’s been moved to the bottom of the hill where she and her dogs now live in 3 tiny Kutis (monks houses).  Her dogs now huddle on the kutis steps, under the kutis which have become muddy messes after recent heavy rain and on the little porches.  They have to share these areas with the nun’s meagre possessions as she has nowhere to put her cooking and cleaning utensils.


The dogs have tried to make their own territory around the kutis where other Temple dogs live involving quite a few skirmishes resulting in some nasty bites.  Consequently they don’t like to wander far from the nun and when she needs to go out of the Temple they become very stressed.  Sadly some dogs have refused to come down the hill despite the nun’s efforts of trudging up it and carrying them down.  They stay for a short time and run back up.   She has to go up the steep hill every 2 or 3 days to make sure they are getting food and also the give them their de-tick treatment.  Life has become very hard for this tiny lady who has a very big heart.


The nun has tried her best to make shady dry areas for the dogs by hanging plastic sheets in front of the kutis and between the roofs.  These will all get blown down by strong winds and rain in the rainy season which starts in May or June and goes on until November.



The nun is in desperate need of help to make the new area dry, clean and shady for her dogs.  She needs 2 small  adjoining roofs and 2 small roof extension at both ends on the kutis which will help give the dogs better shelter.  We will try to get permission from the Temple Abbot to make a small concrete area in front of the 3 kutis and to erect a roof for the dogs.  They will then have adequate shelter from the rain and sun and protection aganst fleas.



The nun also has no running water even though city water has just been installed in the Temple.  No pipes run to her area so she has to fill her many water butts every 3 or 4 days from a tap far away.  She needs a simple water pipe to run from a nearby washing area to her kutis.

more-muddy-area-under-the-house dogs-lie-on-steps dogs-lie-in-confined-areas-under-the-house

In addition the house in the  puppy pen which is just behind her kutis has finally collapsed.  This is the only sheltered area for the tiny pups dumped in the Temple who the nun helps us to care for.  We have had to bring in the puppies due to concern that the house will fall on them.  The pen has no gate only a wobbly piece of wire fencing which is very difficult to make secure and also very difficult to enter the puppy pen.  The nun has to step over a low wire fence we originally put up over 5 years ago.
Please help the nun to overcome the many difficulties she’s now facing.  Many local people criticise her for looking after so many dogs but as she constantly explains they are not her dogs. These dogs were cruelly dumped in the Temple as puppies by heartless locals and she kindly offered to help us care for them.  Without her invaluable help and kindness we would be extremely overstretched.


Sponsorship Rates
£16 (830 Baht) / month (recurring sponsorship)

£50 (2600 Baht) to sponsor one of these lovely dogs for three months

£100 (5.300 Baht) for six months

£200 (10.600 Baht) for one year



190.00 £


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