Your kind sponsorship is vital to enable us to give our dogs the best care available.  We rely 100% on your sponsorship and donations.   Your money will go directly to the dogs in our care to help pay for their veterinary care, food and it will allow us to continue our natural remedy and vitamin program for all of our dogs to help them regain their strength and health.

For the price of your daily, morning coffee, you could help us to continue our work.

Which dog?

Please read the dog’s stories below, then choose your dog to sponsor.  It will make a HUGE difference to the life of your sponsor dog & may be the best thing you ever do…


To sponsor your dog today click on the images below.

23 Puppies

We’ve recently been inundated with puppies: 23 to be exact. Firstly we received an SOS from a Thai lady who... Read More

3 Legs

My name is 3 Legs and I was run over by a train more than 10 years ago. It was... Read More


My name is Bella and I survived Distemper. I was 6 months old and living in the hostile environment of... Read More


My name is Chabba. Back in 2015 I was left for dead at the side of the road. A speeding... Read More


My name is Dew and I’ve been through so much in my life. I am now 8 years old (2017).... Read More


My name is Hope and my story with Headrock Dogs began 29 June 2017 when a Thai lady found me... Read More


My name is Humpty. I’m 14 years young and the 2nd oldest dog here. I used to live with the... Read More


My name is Jintana and I was found at the Temple with my 2 week old brother and sister:, close... Read More


My name is Malee and I’m scarred for life. I had no owner. I survived on the streets on my... Read More


My name is Panee and I was dumped along with my sister Ankhana as a tiny puppy in the puppy... Read More


My name is Patch. I originally came to Headrock Dogs in 2004 when 2 school children found me as a... Read More


My name is Pramon. I was discarded into the Temple puppy pen along with my 2 sisters. We were 3... Read More


My name is Precious and I was dumped at the local temple when I was a tiny, defenceless puppy. Food... Read More


My name is Siri and my story will bring tears to your eyes.  Like all the dogs here I was... Read More


I was thrown onto the beach in a sack with my 6 siblings six years ago.  It was dark and I was... Read More


My name is Tappi. I was thrown into the Temple puppy pen along with my 2 sisters when I was... Read More

Temple Dogs

About 9 years ago we were called in to help with the Temple dogs by the Abbot. We were met... Read More


My name is Wormy and I’m the oldest dog here. As a tiny puppy I was savagely attacked by a... Read More


You can organise payment into our Thai bank account, details below, or via Paypal under each dog or puppy.



£16 (830 Baht) / month
(recurring sponsorship)

£50 (2600 Baht)
to sponsor one of these lovely dogs for three months

£100 (5.300 Baht)
for six months

£200 (10.600 Baht)
for one year

Please visit our PayPal to sponsor one of our beautiful dogs.


Bank payment

V. J. Cattanach Poole for Headrock Dogs
Kasikorn Bank
Bang Saphan Branch
Account No: 295 – 2 – 37247 – 8

ATM Card

You can also use your ATM card to transfer money immediately if you live in Thailand. Just go to any cashpoint at any bank and follow the instructions to transfer money. It only takes a minute and the money is immediately transferred from your account into ours. It couldn?t be simpler to help change a dog?s life.

Your sponsorship will give these dogs a second chance at life.  It will mean that we can continue our work here helping the dogs of Thailand.

The dogs we look after often suffer from digestive problems, having lots of nervous energy making them too thin.  Lots of them constantly battle with chronic skin problems.  Many of our dogs have suffered serious injuries such as loss of limbs due to a car accident, temporary blindness or are left in dire need of special food and vitamins.

A common disease here in Thailand known locally as blood parasites caused by ticks causes serious illness and sadly even death if left untreated.   The blood platelet levels drop and the dogs are left with liver and kidney damage.

We provide the aftercare they need following an accident or serious illness.  This may include an operation, in-patient care, regular out-patient visits, wound dressings, special long term medication all of which can be very expensive.

In addition to helping their immediate health issues, we work tirelessly to keep all of our dogs strong and healthy.  This includes vaccinations, monthly de-tick treatments, de-worm treatments, regular shampoos and grooming as well as food supplements such as calcium, pro-biotic powders and a range of oils such as Omega and coconut oils.

Aftercare is for treatment following an accident or serious illness, and may include an operation, in-patient care, regular out-patient visits, wound dressings, special long term medication all of which can be very expensive.

One of our primary objectives is to get all our dogs and puppies adopted to a loving home. Sadly this is not always possible because an adult dog in particular may be deemed unadoptable either due to an injury, extreme shyness, is not pretty enough or is considered too old.

While we continue to help the dogs recover from their injuries, overcome their shyness or live out their senior years with: your sponsorship will help with all these costs.

Thank you for your support.