Wormy is our oldest dog


My name is Wormy and I’m the oldest dog here.

As a tiny puppy I was savagely attacked by a bigger dog. My face was badly damaged and I ended up with infected bone. I had 4 operations to remove the infection. My injuries and the operations have left me with a crooked jaw. I can only open my mouth a few centimetres.

Wormy loves attention from the volunteers

Wormy loves attention from the volunteers

Before arriving at Headrock Dogs other dogs saw me as weak and attacked me several times. I’m covered in scars and as you can see I’ve even lost half an ear!

My jaw has caused me many problems over the years. My teeth have been badly infected and I’ve had several removed.

A stroke left me fighting for my life

Late 2016 I had a stroke and collapsed just before feeding time. My carers took me to the vet who confirmed I was in a bad way and needed to be put on a drip immediately.  I couldn’t eat anything for 2 or 3 days but the drip helped me keep hydrated.  Then I felt a bit stronger and tried to get up but immediately collapsed.  I started to eat rice soup with some chicken minced up with lots of vitamins and oils for my brain.  After 5 days I could stand and walk very shakily.  My carers carried me outside when all my friends came to greet me.  I was so happy and I started to walk a bit more every day.

Wormy is very affectionate

Wormy is very affectionate

Then I found my girlfriend and she came to lie down beside me so I was allowed to stay outside for a bit longer.  I’m now back to in my usual place and I wander around once a day but sleep a lot too.

I’m an intelligent and affectionate dog and will spend the rest of my life here with my girlfriend.

Please sponsor me

It’s very possible I may have another stroke as I get older (I am 105 in human years).  Please sponsor me so I can live in comfort during my senior years.

Thank you so much.





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