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People: part 2 of John Journey's photographic journey at Headrock Dogs.

Without people none of what we do would be possible. We need more people to help us continue our work.

Volunteering is an amazingly rewarding thing to do. Book your flight and pack your bags today. We are waiting for you.
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GLORIA IS MAKING AN EXCELLENT RECOVERY FROM HER NASTY OPERATION. Gloria has been an excellent patient standing still whilst either Thep or myself dress her operation wounds. Yesterday Thep took out her 2 drainage pipes but her throat is still very swollen and she's still on anti-biotics. Poor Gloria has had to wear her horrible collar most of the time as she starts to scratch her wounds without it. She hasn't complained even when she occasionally crashes into things. Thank heavens she's out of danger and we've been able to keep her wounds clean from infection. We need to be diligent for another week. Thank you to the generous people who so kindly donated to help Gloria's operation and treatment costs.
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TODAY RUSTY TRAVELLED FIRST CLASS IN A BEAUTIFUL AIR CONDITIONED MINIVAN TO HIS NEW HOME IN BANGKOK. He's joining his brother who was adopted in June by great supporters of ours. These brothers were Temple dogs cared for by the nun until she left a few months ago. Now they're joining each other in paradise S and his wife Fair...good friends.. drove him while he sat in the back munching treats. We phoned at 3.30.p.m. to find he'd just arrived. He was hungry and thirsty and decided the kitchen was the best place in his new house! Yesterday we gave him his first ever shower and he was so good so I'm hoping he'll mind his manners in his new paradise. Thank you so much M and G for adopting your 5th dog from us. Truly wonderful. Pics of Rusty in his new home coming soon.
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John Journey; a professional photographer visited Headrock Dogs earlier this year. The first part of his journal on his website focuses on hands and their healing qualities.

Like what you see? Why not volunteer and use your hands to heal our dogs. Email us today as we need volunteers all year round.

UK Registered Charity

We are very happy to announce that Headrock Dogs Rescue UK became a UK registered charity in December 2016. Registration No 1170663. It is the administrative and funding arm for Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand.




In the 9 years to 2017 we have saved 880 dogs and puppies, homed 780 dogs and puppies and neutered 900 mainly puppies but also temple, street and beach dogs.

 Prasert Hit by Speeding Car

Prasert was dragged from the road by his owner who witnessed a car hit him without breaking or stopping.  She immediately alerted us.  Thankfully Prasert lives at the end of our road so we rushed to his aid quickly.  We found him lying in a pool of blood unable to move and clearly in pain.  We cleaned and bandaged his deep wounds, gave him an antibiotic injection and pain killer and then phoned the vet for further advice.  Being Sunday he wasn’t open but he promised to be back before dark and at  7.00 p.m. he phoned to say he had arrived at his clinic.   It took the vet 2 hours to clean, stitch and insert drainage tube in the deep wound which thankfully hadn’t pierced his heart but he thought Prasert’s spine might be broken.  We nursed Prasert for 2 months, his wounds healed and he’s now walking and back home.

Prasert bit by car


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