30th of September 2016 10:31 AM Link
57 DOGS DE-TICKED THIS MORNING! I thought it was 1 October today so I'm a bit ahead of myself. The beginning of the month is always full on with de-tick treatment at the Centre and the Temple. We have over 130 dogs to treat. Now I have Franz and his lovely wife Francisca to help my load is considerably lightened. Francisca was afraid to come for a long time cos we have so many dogs! But now she's started to help once a week and look how the dogs love her...and she loves them. Jay is always at the window hoping a bit of chicken sausage will fall into his mouth...look at that tongue!! After such a busy morning all the dogs chill out. Phew!!!! Please help us in our work if you can. Thank you.
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29th of September 2016 10:48 AM Link
FANTASTIC ADOPTION TODAY..MOCHA AND THONG LOR HAVE GONE TO A WONDERFUL HOME. One of Thep's FB Friends phoned this morning to say her friend wants an adult dog and they're on their way from Prachuab 90ks away! They arrived midday and after looking at 5 pairs of dogs (we always work to get our dogs and puppies adopted in pairs) I was getting disillusioned. She loved Thong Lor and when Thep said his best friend is Mocha that sealed it! We let them both out to greet her but they ran to the beach where we eventually caught them. Their new owner has 3 houses and made a fantastic donation. They're near their new home now in Surat Thani near Koh Samui and she's totally fallen in love with them both!!!
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27th of September 2016 10:28 AM Link
BOON HAS BEEN ATTACKED. On Sunday I posted a short video of me and Boon looking beautiful and now he's a mess. Yesterday we looked for him and were told he'd been attacked and was hiding. No-one could catch him and he was beginning to stink of rotting flesh. I walked around the area calling him but no luck. Just as we were leaving he came running out so I jumped out of the car and he came to me. His collar was stuck to an enormous bite wound, his neck had swollen from numerous bites, his fur was matted and he stank. Thank heavens he let me undo his sticky collar, wash all the gunk off around his neck and clean the enormous bite wound on the back of his neck. He was so patient and even licked my hand whilst I was cleaning him. Today we returned to pull out the dead maggots from his wound. He's now on anti-biotics and we'll go every day to clean his deep wound.
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26th of September 2016 11:44 AM Link
OUR TEMPLE VISIT STARTED OFF WELL. The Lung Por (Abbot) was making big bowls of rice for the dogs, not smelly sour rice but beautiful fluffy rice mixed with food from his daily alms round. The dogs were waiting outside his gate with wagging tails! Then he told us one of his puppies is dying and has lost her mind. Distemper rang in our ears but the Temple has no distemper and the puppy was in his house. When I looked at her shaking and unconscious I immediately thought Blood Parasites have gone to her brain. There was no green discharge associated with distemper and her sister was fat and healthy. Both pups were covered in fleas and ticks when they were brought into the Temple and it took several treatments to kill the parasites. They were due for their second combine vaccination but I didn't want to vaccinate the healthy sister until the vet had checked her. She wasn't happy but he gave her the all clear. He also said maybe the dying puppy has a chance to live and told us to give Lung Por the Doxycycline paste with his instructions. Sadly I don't have much hope for the poor little creature but we have to try. No pictures of the sick puppy cos she's so sad.
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