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THE 2ND ATTEMPT TO CATCH MB3 THE TEMPLE DOG WITH MAGGOT INFESTED BALLS WAS SUCCESSFUL...BUT ONLY JUST. I was very happy when he came to me then Thep tried to put the catching lead over his head. He immediately ran off in the bushes but we managed to herd him into the Abbot's house! He was tired and let me slip the lead over his head and after a struggle he calmed down with some sedative. The vet gave him a full neutering by cutting everything off and he woke just as she was sewing the final stitch. He's now recovering and has calmed down enough for me to stroke him. A big thanks to Anna who spotted him before he hid away and would definitely have died without treatment.
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AND WE DO HAVE A HAPPY ENDING TO THIS SAD STORY. Last week Edmund Russell aka Jack and Lin our outreach lady got 2 pups adopted to beautiful home leaving little Luna. Jack took her into his house and yesterday his wife found a friend who wanted a puppy. So now Luna has a forever home. All pups from this original litter of 4 have good homes with no danger of them being abandoned again. Thank you Jack, his wife and Lin. Fantastic work everyone.
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TODAY WE SAID A SAD AND HAPPY FAREWELL TO SAMMY AND ANNA. Sad because we'll miss him pushing his way into the special food room, waiting at the gate and screaming at his best friend Jay. Happy because he's on his way to the USA with his first love Anna to start a fantastic new life. He's such a nervous boy I wondered how he'd cope with the first leg of his journey. Thep had to carry him to the car! Thankfully Anna has posted that he's coping well.....despite clear terror! Tomorrow will be another big day too before they fly on Wednesday. We miss you both already and you're in our thoughts. xxx
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UK Registered Charity

We are very happy to announce that Headrock Dogs Rescue UK became a UK registered charity in December 2016. Registration No 1170663. It is the administrative and funding arm for Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand.




In the 9 years to 2017 we have saved 880 dogs and puppies, homed 780 dogs and puppies and neutered 900 mainly puppies but also temple, street and beach dogs.

 Prasert Hit by Speeding Car

Prasert was dragged from the road by his owner who witnessed a car hit him without breaking or stopping.  She immediately alerted us.  Thankfully Prasert lives at the end of our road so we rushed to his aid quickly.  We found him lying in a pool of blood unable to move and clearly in pain.  We cleaned and bandaged his deep wounds, gave him an antibiotic injection and pain killer and then phoned the vet for further advice.  Being Sunday he wasn’t open but he promised to be back before dark and at  7.00 p.m. he phoned to say he had arrived at his clinic.   It took the vet 2 hours to clean, stitch and insert drainage tube in the deep wound which thankfully hadn’t pierced his heart but he thought Prasert’s spine might be broken.  We nursed Prasert for 2 months, his wounds healed and he’s now walking and back home.

Prasert bit by car


What is TVT?

TVT stands for Transmissible Venereal Tumor. It’s a naturally occurring tumour that is sexually transmitted... Read More